Supreme Court of Victoria webcasting – Terms of Use

1.        The Supreme Court of Victoria retains copyright in this footage.
2.        This footage is provided for the following reasons:
a.       To enable litigants and interested persons to view the proceedings.
b.      To assist media to fairly and accurately report on those proceedings.
c.       To allow schools, universities and legal training bodies to show judicial proceedings for educational purposes.
3.        By watching this footage you are agreeing:
a.       Not to copy, store, edit, modify, broadcast, post or redistribute this footage without the prior written approval of the Supreme Court of Victoria.
b.      To include the attribution ©Supreme Court of Victoria with any link to this footage.
c.       To abide by any orders or directions made relating to the confidentiality of the proceedings shown in this footage. If you do not, you should be aware that you may be subject to a legal action including for breach of copyright, or defamation or, potentially, contempt of court.

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